Bimmer Tech

As BimmerTech Authorized Dealer, we are proud to offer the expertise in the full range of retrofits, from identifying the right product to suit your needs to offering great after-sales support.

Whether you want advanced multimedia capabilities, greater convenience or improved audio quality, BimmerTech has a tried and tested upgrade tailor-made for your needs. Each has been designed specifically for BMWs, for seamless integration in your car.

BimmerTech’s innovative BMW retrofits include market-leading park assist cameras, fully integrated smartphone mirroring systems and the convenience features you may have missed out on from the factory. Now you can get the BMW you always wanted to have.

BimmerTech Product line includes….

Park Assist Cameras
Park like a pro, thanks to BimmerTech’s range of market-leading park assists camera kits. 

Phone Mirroring
Bring all your favorite smartphone apps onto the iDrive screen, with wireless mirroring for iOS and Android. 

Comfort Access
Get in your car, drive to your destination and lock the doors as you leave without ever touching the key. 

Vivid Screen
A seamless replacement for older generation CCC iDrive displays, offering improved screen resolution and higher contrast for a clear, crisp viewing experience.

Premium Audio System
Improve your BMW’s stereo with more power, clarity and customizable performance. 

Make your BMW #Perfected